New room!

Science Academy is officially moving to a bigger and more spacious room due to our school expansion 🙂 I’m incredibly excited!


Spring Break

Wow things are going by so fast. I am almost 3/4 way done the school year! Two weeks of break to get me rejuvenated again 🙂


In the past week, a really good scenario that outlined a small benefit of science academy showed up. We had a math, chemistry, and physics test all lined up on the same week. On top of our classes aside from Science Academy, a lot of students found it extremely overwhelming. As a result, the science academy teachers decided that it was in our best interest to move the physics test to Monday rather than Friday. We simply exchanged Monday and Friday’s schedules. 😀 This gave us a lot more breathing room. These type of things would have been impossible in normal curriculum. Although this doesn’t seem like a big deal, it took a big weight of my shoulders.

Winter Break

After two weeks of  break, I am ready to go back to school 🙂 Science Academy will be finishing up Chemistry 11 soon, and moving into Chemistry 12!

FAQ Page is here

I have noticed that there are several questions people keep asking me about, therefore I decided to make a FAQ section in case anybody else has these questions. (Also, so I can take a break from answering the same question!). The FAQ is located at the top of this page, beside home. Hope you all find it helpful!

Applications are Open


Science Academy applications are now open for grade 10’s. I am definitely recommending and advertising Science Academy to some of my grade 10 friends. This is an awesome opportunity!  Below is a link to the application website!

Science Academy Application Info

New Physics Project

Yesterday, we were given a physics project on analyzing science defying movies and cartoons. We are to create a 10 minute presentation to the class on our analysis. Below is a short sample of what is to be expected: